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In December of 2008, parapsychologist David Trayburn set out to help a friend - State College professor Marcus Gates - who had been complaining of strange events happening in his home.

"He [Gates] told me that there were paranormal occurrences in his house," Trayburn said. Marcus Gates had reported unexplained noises and household items turning up in the wrong places or disappearing entirely.

"I had known Marcus for several years, and thought that this was just a manifestation of an overactive imagination in a home that had suffered a recent loss," Trayburn added.

The Gates family had, indeed, suffered a loss - Helen Gates, wife of Marcus and mother to Jennifer and Katie Gates - fourteen months previously.

After Gates claimed that he saw his deceased wife, Trayburn proceeded to set up a video station and placed a digital audio recorder, motion detector and EMF (electromagnetic field) meter in the house for observational purposes. "I generally study sites that have already been labeled as 'haunted,' so the equipment I set up wasn't as extensive as you would find in a normal ghost hunter's arsenal," Trayburn said. He then added, "Still, the physical data we collected over a week and a half was as tremendous as it was devastating. Had I known the level of activity that was going on, I certainly would have handled the situation differently."

After looking at the footage and listening to the audio that had been gathered, Trayburn sought out a production company to sort through and compile the elements that had been captured. "I was fortunate to find a reputable company in the area," Trayburn commented. "Once I began working with Kevin Hicks at Hark Productions, I knew the project was going to be handled properly."

Hicks had extensive experience, both locally and nationally, including directing two feature films. "Once I saw what David had captured, I knew it was something that people needed to see," he said.

The next step was Hicks bringing in his partners - Vickie Hicks (also his wife), Brian Balog and Dan Griffin - and taking on the project under their film production company, Chinimble Lore. "With material this provocative, it made sense to seek a global outlet," he said.

They began compiling the footage, adding the separately captured audio to the video. "That's the saddest part of this story - the fact that none of the Gates family knew the full extent of what was going on," Hicks added.

The result of the combined efforts of Trayburn and Hark/Chinimble Lore is the feature production, Paranormal Proof. As the title suggests, it includes some rather provocative content.

"Marcus Gates set out to prove there was an afterlife. After reviewing what was captured in that house, I can't see anybody arguing against him," Trayburn concluded. "You will believe."

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